So tired

News flash, racism exists in America.
NO SHIT. Here’s the shocker though, it’s on both sides of the fence.

Anytime a white person does something or says something even remotely questionable to a black person he’s racist. George Zimmerman sounds like a white name and the media took off with it, thousands of protests. The media is to blame for that one, and the millions of ignorant people too.
I work in the city of Detroit, I have black friends, I have white friends married to black people. 95% of them use the “n” word yet they’re not racist. Let it come from my mouth and see how fast I’m labeled. How is that not prejudice? If one race uses something and forbids another to use it that seems wrong to me. Reminds me of separate bathrooms, drinking fountains ect.
How can an organization like the NAACP not be considered racist? UNCF? I can go on and on about this because I see it daily. Cut us do we not bleed the same color?


I’m a gun lover, responsible gun owner and licensed to carry a concealed pistol.
I read all over the Internet about what caliber is best for this and what caliber is good for that and that caliber is a pussy round, blah blah blah.
I used to subscribe to those theory’s myself. However now that I’m older, wiser and more educated on the subject I’ve learned a few things. Any bullet shot from a gun striking your flesh will do its designed job. True you’re not going to hunt bear with a .22 and you don’t need a Thompson sub machine gun for personal defense, the standard calibers (.40, .38, 9mm, ect) will stop the person robbing your house.
9mm has no “stopping power” you need a .45. Bull shit. The phrase stopping power was coined by gun and ammo manufactures to make you think this is better than that. One shot to the stomach only kills people instantly in the movies. A direct shot to the heart or spinal cord at the base of the neck will kill a person instantly. Either case it won’t really matter what you shot them with. The argument of, I’d rather shoot once with my .45 than three times with a 9mm is stupid. Stand in front of either one and tell me it tickled.
Now, before you say hey Tom I’ve herd you say you don’t like certain calibers, you’re full of shit, allow me to clarify.
Yes I’m not a fan of say, .380’s. That doesn’t mean I want to be shot by one. Simply means I don’t like it.
Ok, enough of this, I need to get back to work.

NHL playoffs

Yes I know, this isn’t a rant but my friends over at The Beerbarrel ( have issued a challenge to pick the winners.
Best blog wins??????????????????? NOTHING, you win NOTHING. Oh well, we’ll play for pride much like our hockey careers.

Lets kick this off in the East.

#8. Ottawa vs #1 Rangers.
The Rangers have been quietly kicking ass in the East and will loudly kick Ottawa’s ass. Rangers in 4.

#7 Caps vs #2 Bahstin Yes it’s misspelled, say it like it looks.
The Caps are looking for playoff vengance after the past few seasons. Boston is looking to keep the cup there. Killer B’s in 6.

#6 Devils vs #3 Panthers.
YAWN, I couldn’t care less in this series. Flipped a coin, Panthers in 5.

#5 Flyers vs #4 Pens.
Honestly, this is the series to watch in my opinion. While the pens are the odds on favorite to win the cup, Philly is a rough and tough team. Its not going to be east to sit them down. I hate the Pens but I’m taking them in 7.

Onto the West.

#8 Kings vs #1 Canucks
Thanks for playing LA, remember when you had 99 and didn’t win? You’re not winning this year either. Vancouver is a high power team and will make quick work of the Kings. Canucks in 5.

#7 Sharks vs #2 Blues
Remember the quite Rangers in the East? Where did the Blues come from? Not a peep from them yet here they are in the 2 seed. The Sharks are always a tough team but my gut says Blues in 6.

#6 Blackhawks vs #3 Coyotes.
Hmmmmmm, another coin toss for me. No pony in this race really, my gut says Hawks in 6.

Last but not least,
#5 Red Wings vs #4 Preds
The Wings started the season bad, played awesome mid season and fell to crap at the end. Preds made some good trades and recalls and are tough. Gut says Preds in 5.

Well, lets see how I fare against the boys from the other blog. My picks are going up first so hopefully they don’t copy me, that King guy can get lazy.

For the love of…………….

It’s that wonderful time of year here in Michigan. No, not construction, its the time of year where people bitch and moan about the weather.
For those of you that haven’t experienced a season, and I use that term loosely, in this state let me sum it up. We have, as my dad would put it, nine months of winter, three months of whatever.
Take today for example. I wore a light jacket to work, defroster on warm to clear the windshield and on my way home I’ll carry my jacket and put my window down.
Michigan is known for brutal winters, among other things but we’ll discuss those in a later blog. My Facebook feed is filled with people already complaining about the cold. What are you going to do when winter gets here? These people have lived here long enough to know what lies ahead. Here’s your options.
1. Move south. plenty of the southern states are warm all year. The easiest way to know which one is to follow an old person down I-75, let them lead the way, but then you’ll complain about doing 55mph the whole way. Better idea, ask them instead.
2. Save a lot of money and during the winter months, barricade yourself in the house, turn the heat to 90 and emerge in May. We’ll call you Bear.
3. Embrace it. Build an ice rink in the back yard, make a snow fort and ambush the neighborhood kids in a snowball fight. Take up ice fishing, make snow angels, make the most of the short, cold, bitter days.
Well, that’s my rant for today. See ya next time I get crabby.

Stop being a wuss

Really ESPN? Really? Hank Williams Jr compared Obama to Hitler and you’re pulling the plug on his theme song?
While I understand where you’re coming from, the whole association thing, but please. I’d bet there are millions of Americans that “dislike” Obama yet still watch Monday Night Football, I bet millions hate country music and Hank yet they watch as well.
This country has gone soft. You can’t say this or you’ll offend that group or you can’t do that or this group will protest. This country was founded on pissing people off. If “equality” actually existed then the UNCF would give a white guy money to go to college. Hell, I bet that last line pissed off someone but hey, I don’t care. If what I say offends you, don’t listen to me. If you didn’t like Hanks statement then turn on football 2 minutes late and avoid the intro. Simple.
Special interest groups are ruining this land of ours.

Oh ya, and the subject in my last post showed up with a Lions shirt on yesterday. “I’ve had this shirt for six years now, was gonna wax the car with it but its good now.”

Get a life already

Ok, we all have things in life we root for, the bad guy in the movie, your sports team, whatever. What I hate is “that guy”. We all know one, he’s the guy that only cheers for “his team” when they’re winning.

He’s the first guy to look at the final score and run his mouth. He hardly knows the rules of the game let alone anything else. All he knows is the score and that “his team” won.
This is what bothers me as I’m usually on the receiving end of this morons blabber mouth. I have my teams I support, and those of you that know me, you know I dont fair so well most days. However, I stand by them win or lose. I don’t disappear when they’re down and show up when they get hot. I’m a fan, plain and simple. I can accept razzing from actual fans, because when my team wins, they dont disappear and take the abuse from me.

The guy I’m referring to is the largest fair weather fan I have ever had the privilege (if you can call it that ) to know. A Pistons fan three years ago when they were good. A Tigers fan now, although this is the first time I’ve heard from him on the subject since ’06. Should the Lions continue winning this season I fully expect to see him in Honolulu Blue before too long.  The only bandwagon he hasn’t jumped on is hockey, unless the Wings win the cup, then he’ll be at the parade in the front row screaming.  I LOVE MY TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets give this a try

For those of you that know me, I’m sorry and you should skip ahead. Those of you that dont know me, allow me to tell you a little about me.

I’m a smart ass by nature, I always have something to say and it’s usually not appropriate. In my mid 30’s living in the Detroit Metro area, I’ve see a lot in my days, done even more. I would consider myself a champagne guy on a beer budget. Avid sports fan, and player. Enough of me, lets get into some rants shall we.

I will try to keep my rants current but will go back in time every now and then.

The other morning my day began as it usualy does, with my cats waking me up an hour before I have to be. They have learned over the years to stay away from arms reach, you would think they would learn how to tell time.

After roughly 45 minutes of throwing anything I could find at them, I rise to start my day. The cats think they’ve won, but I have thumbs, they dont. I win.

I’ll skip the morning pleasantries and fast foward to my drive. I decide, like most Amercians, that coffee is a must. I won’t name the establishment I visited, lets just say America runs on them.

I pull into the drive through and place my order, I’d like a large black coffee please. She replies with something I only guess was in her native tongue, I pull up. Once at the window, the next person I deal with tells me my total is $4.90. For a coffee? I notice he has an iced coffee and a bag he’s prepared to hand me. I repeat myself and tell him I ordered a large black. No ice?, was his response, he leaves the window and returns with yet another question. Bacon, egg, cheese? Now I’m frustrated and I get a tad short. Finally the order is straight and I’m on my way to work.

Now I’m all for immigration, without it we’d be living overseas and the metric system wouldnt be so strange. However, when our ancestors came to this country they assimilated, learned the language, fought to defend their new found freedom. They became this country and made it what it is today. They didnt have special interest groups telling the government we want this, we want that. They didnt think this country owed them something, if anything they thought they owed the country. Now a days, most (not all) flee their respective countrys in search of whatever, but they dont have the same values our ancestors had.

The laws of Amercia are meant to protect the public and they apply to everyone. Just because you’re from a foregin land, it still applies to you. Please, by all means become a citizen of this great land. If you choose to live here illegally, don’t cry when you get deported because your childern were born here and they’ll be alone. Think of your kids and do it the right way. Illegal means illegal. It’s against the law, you’re not a citizen, you have no rights.

English, please learn it. If I were to move into your native land, I would almost certianly have to learn your language, as the local government would NOT cater to me. I have friends that have came to Amercia from Mexcio and Croatia. They speak great english as well as their native language.

I could go on and on, but hell, I have a blog now, I can post another bitch down the road.